Elevating exceptional women to become world health leaders
“I am delighted to share WomenLift Health’s strategy. Our goal is to re-imagine leadership to include talented leaders who are women with diverse identities, so their expertise, experiences, and leadership styles contribute to improved health for all." - Amie Batson, President, WomenLift Health
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Celebrating the 2022 East Africa Cohort Lift-Off
Watch their Leadership Projects Now
Celebrating the 2022 India Cohort Lift-Off
Watch their Leadership Projects Now
Celebrating the 2022 North America Cohort Lift-Off
Watch their Leadership Projects Now

WomenLift Health is a nonprofit organization aimed at working with partners around the world to accelerate the advancement of talented women into senior leadership by investing in mid-career women and influencing the environments in which they live and work.

Our Impact

Investing in Women Leaders


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Melinda French Gates speaks at Women Leading Change in Health and Science in India Conference

In this thought-provoking address from our conference “Women Leading Change in Health and Science in India”, Melinda French Gates, shares her insights on the pressing need for gender-intentional policies in the realm of health.

The Leadership Journey

WomenLift Health believes that global health challenges will not be solved unless talented women have a seat at the table. The Leadership Journey is designed to give talented women leaders the tools – confidence, networks, understanding of barriers – along with peer, mentor and coach support, to successfully use their voice, expertise and leadership skills for health impact. To us, success is not exclusively defined by a title or a salary increase, but by expanding the power and influence of talented women in global health.

Leadership Journey

Welcome the 2023 East Africa Cohort

WomenLift Health has selected the next cohort of inspiring leaders to participate in the second East Africa Leadership Journey, a fully-funded leadership initiative designed to support women through the challenges and opportunities of advancing to senior leadership positions in global health.

Meet the Global Cohorts

Meet the talented women leaders who are part of our current cohort and alumnae community.
The inaugural India Cohort of the Leadership Journey has launched with 30 women leaders.
Meet the 30 women leaders selected to participate in the inaugural East Africa Leadership Journey Cohort.

Leadership Styles


is discovered through a lifelong exploration of yourself and your purpose while building on awareness of and trust in your abilities. This exploration enhances the insight, energy, and resilience that is key to leading as the truest and most impactful version of yourself.


encourages an intentional exploration of power and privilege and how they manifest in interpersonal and institutional dynamics. It builds trusting, sustainable connections with colleagues and community by including and giving voice to individuals of diverse identities at all levels of decision-making.


inspires gender equality and leads to better health through a crystalized understanding of the power of your leadership and the critical importance of developing others for greater impact.


is rooted in an understanding of your influence and how to leverage it to capture collective energy and facilitate change within institutions and the global health community. Crucial to this is building an inclusive cultural dynamic based on trust that inspires action toward a better future.

Partners & Collaborators

We firmly believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of success, and we take immense pride in joining forces with industry leaders who share our vision and values. Together, we will shape a brighter future for global health leadership.

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WLGH 2021 Highlights

More than 2,000 participants from 90+ countries. The 2021 Women Leaders in Global Health Conference brought us together to Reimagine Leadership. Watch the video to experience some of the highlights of last year’s conference.

Global Advisory Board

WomenLift Health’s Global Advisory Board is comprised of 22 members selected for their recognized leadership, vision, integrity and expertise.

Amie Batson

Amie Batson is Executive Director of WomenLift Health,

Anita Zaidi

Anita Zaidi

Anita Zaidi is the president of the foundation’s

Githinji Gitahi

A passionate advocate for pro-poor Universal Health Coverage,

Paurvi Bhatt

Paurvi Bhatt is a global healthcare executive known

Ravi Verma

Ravi Verma

As Regional Director for the International Center for

Rohini Anand

Dr. Rohini Anand was most recently SVP Corporate

Sia Nowrojee

2020 Leadership Journey Project: Every Ending is a

Suzanne Ehlers

Suzanne Ehlers is the newly appointed Executive Director

Zainab Samad

Zainab Samad

Dr. Samad graduated from the Aga Khan University

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