The India Leadership Journey

In this fully-funded, 12-month Leadership Journey, we provide mid-career women the safe space to explore their authentic leadership through vulnerability and reflection, an inclusive and diverse network which fosters a strong sense of belonging, tools and strategies for enhancing their voice, presence, and influence – all the while being supported by a powerful group of peers, mentors, and coaches.

Participants engage in two in-person experiential learning residencies (Immersion and Lift-Off), in addition to virtual learning touchpoints, virtual group mentoring, virtual one-on-one coaching sessions, and importantly, a self-directed leadership project – all the while being supported by their Leadership Journey community and experts in the health sector.

Alumnae will be part of a lifelong network of allies at local, regional, and global levels who continue to support each other and new cohort members and to advocate for women’s leadership.

Our aim is to create a network of talented women leaders around the world beginning with India, East Africa, and North America and provide them with a safe space for independent and collaborative learning to deepen and elevate their leadership impact.

This is a unique journey where the focus is on inner transformation as a leader, so that we can understand ourselves better and, in the process, drive systemic change. It has not only helped me assess strengths and areas for improvement in my work, but also to introspect on how to be an empathetic and effective leader, focusing on the ‘self’ as well as ‘others’. The program has enabled me to interact with women leaders from all across the health sector in India. Sharing this experience together has helped us understand our common struggles, celebrate our achievements, and build a sense of community and a stronger commitment to working for equitable health systems and better health outcomes.

Being part of the WomenLift Health Leadership Journey has been a special blessing. I am particularly grateful for the mentorship and valuable life lessons I have received. Learning to break barriers between people and take everyone together; treating yourself as a professional first rather than a woman or man; taking care of your needs and the needs of your team to allow them to thrive; using your head and heart for decision-making; and empowering the next generation of young women leaders --- these lessons will guide us forward even when the waters are rough and the path is not clearly seen. I am so thankful for this exciting and enriching experience.

The deadline to apply is December 18, 2023

Connect with inspiring peers driving change in Global Health leadership.

Unlock your leadership potential guided by experienced mentors and coaches.

The Framework

The culturally contextualized Journey is uniquely designed to cultivate competencies that bolster four leadership styles: Authentic, Inclusive, Strategic, and Impactful.

Authentic Leadership

Discovered through a lifelong exploration of yourself and your purpose while building on the awareness of and trust in your abilities. This exploration enhances the insight, energy, and resilience that is key to leading as the truest and most impactful version of yourself.

Inclusive Leadership

Encourages an intentional exploration of power and privilege and how they manifest in interpersonal and institutional dynamics. It builds trusting, sustainable connections with colleagues and community by including and giving voice to individuals of diverse identities at all levels of decision-making.

Strategic Leadership

Rooted in an understanding of your influence and how to leverage it to capture collective energy and facilitate change within institutions and the global health community. Crucial to this is building an inclusive cultural dynamic that is based on trust that inspires action toward a better future.

Impactful Leadership

Inspires gender equality and leads to better health through a crystalized understanding of the power of your leadership and the critical importance of developing others for greater impact.

As a result of this Leadership Journey, participants will be effectively positioned and equipped to:

Confidently rise as a strong purposeful leader, enhance their influence and increase their impact

Build trusting relationships and collaborate with a diverse network of allies to dismantle barriers for women leaders within organizations

Cultivate the next generation of authentic, inclusive, strategic, and impactful leaders

Internalize that change will only come when those in positions of power expand & diversify the circle of leadership, and learn from those whom they wish to serve​

Leverage the collective power of champions and institutional partners to advance gender equality and better health

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