Our Mission & Vision

From pandemics to climate change, we cannot confront the rapidly evolving challenges of our time without harnessing women's voices, talent, and creativity.

Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust

Achieving today’s complex global health goals requires greater and more diverse leadership talent across sectors and countries. And yet women are an untapped talent pool, representing 70% of the health workforce but only 25% of executive positions and 5% of CEO-level positions.  WomenLift Health will work with partners around the world to accelerate the advancement of talented women into senior leadership by investing in mid-career women and influencing the environments in which they live and work.  WomenLift Health is about action – action taken by women, men, organizations and societal leaders that, together, add-up to transformative change.    


Our mission is to expand the power and influence of talented women in global health and catalyze systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership.


Our vision is a world where diverse, accomplished leaders collectively transform global health outcomes.