About us​

We are reimagining and transforming leadership in Global Health.  

Established in 2019, WomenLift Health is committed to expanding the power and influence of talented women in global health and catalysing systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership. With Hubs in North America, South Asia, East Africa, Southern Africa, and with prospects of further expansion into other regions,  WomenLift Health envisions a world where diverse, accomplished leaders collectively transform health outcomes. Our work in advancing equality in health leadership is delivered through a range of actions at the individual, institutional, and societal levels. This includes our signature ‘Leadership Journey,’ which focuses on equipping mid-career women with tools, resources, along with peer, mentor and coaching support, to successfully use their voice, expertise and leadership for impact. On the institutional front, we drive conversations and partnerships with health institutions, taking steps to prioritize gender equality; that ultimately drive global conversations and actions about the importance of women’s leadership in health. WomenLift Health is undertaking bold steps to transform the face of health leadership because when women lead, better health follows.

“WomenLift Health exists because leadership matters. Having worked over three decades in the health sector, I’ve been struck at how our sector thinks – or doesn’t think – about leadership.” 

Amie Batson, President, WomenLift Health


Our mission is to expand the power and influence of talented women in global health and catalyze systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership.


Our vision is a world where diverse, accomplished leaders collectively transform global health outcomes.

Our Values

  • Collaborative leadership that celebrates diverse perspectives and experiences and ensures everyone contributes to their full potential.
  • Partnership grounded in humility, respect, empathy, and inclusion.
  • Bold, strategic thinking combined with adaptability and pragmatic action to foster transformative change.
  • Spirit of learning that ensures we are open, forward-looking, constructive, and committed to growing collectively and individually.
  • Achieving impact by improving global health and gender equality.


To learn more about our DEI commitments and how we operationalize them, click here.

Our Strategy

Elevating exceptional women to become world health leaders

I am delighted to share WomenLift Health’s strategy. Our goal is to re-imagine leadership to include talented leaders who are women with diverse identities, so their expertise, experiences, and leadership styles contribute to improved health for all.” – Amie Batson, President, WomenLift Health


Where We Work

We are expanding our reach globally through country-led and country-owned partnerships.

"It is the women at the front-lines, at the national level, and globally who comprise the majority of the health workforce. And although often overlooked, it is they who have improved the health and well-being of millions of people around the world. It’s time for those women to be recognized for the leaders they are and given their rightful place at decision-making tables."

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