Organizational Change

The organizational benefits of investing in leadership development for women in mid-and early senior positions is clear, yet to achieve gender equality in the workplace, the systems and cultures in which women work must be transformed. This includes appropriate policies like pay equity, paid parental leave and flexible work arrangements for both men and women.   It also means fostering a culture where sexual harassment, discrimination and bias are not tolerated.

Organizations need to be proactive in driving change and also providing women with more leadership training and mentorship opportunities, and equipping women with the tools, skills and guidance needed to navigate and address obstacles to advancement.

As part of the WomenLift Health Leadership Journey, we are developing training and coaching elements that help women identify and address barriers within their organizations.  We are also including ways to incorporate C-suite leadership from each individual’s organization into the Leadership Journey experience.

Over time, WomenLift Health will engage with institutions committed to women’s leadership to support and drive forward efforts to tackle the systematic barriers that hold women back.