The North America Leadership Journey

In this fully-funded, 12-month Leadership Journey, we provide mid-career women the safe space to explore their authentic leadership through vulnerability and reflection, an inclusive and diverse network which fosters a strong sense of belonging, tools and strategies for enhancing their voice, presence, and influence – all the while being supported by a powerful group of peers, mentors, and coaches.

Participants engage in two in-person experiential learning residencies (Immersion and Lift-Off), in addition to virtual learning touchpoints, virtual group mentoring, virtual one-on-one coaching sessions, and importantly, a self-directed leadership project – all the while being supported by their Leadership Journey community and experts in the global health sector.

Alumnae will be part of a lifelong network of allies at local, regional, and global levels who continue to support each other and new cohort members and to advocate for women’s leadership.  

Our aim is to create a network of talented women leaders around the world beginning with North America, East Africa, and India and provide them with a safe space for independent and collaborative learning to deepen and elevate their leadership impact.

“The Leadership Journey has just been so transformative for me - I learned more about myself, my environment, and the influence and power that I could unlock. I was equipped with a support group of other women leaders who helped push me forward. I'm still on a journey, but I feel I have the tools, the skills, the attitude, and the authenticity to bring out my best self. Having been thrown into one of the most complex public health issues around Covid-19, I'm deploying those skills every day.” — FOLAKE OLAYINKA, Immunization Team Lead at USAID

“I want to thank the Leadership Journey for giving me the time and the space to really think about leadership and what my leadership style and role might be. I think perhaps most important to me, has been the fact that I had the opportunity to have 22 beloved colleagues, plus a mentor, a coach, and all the WomenLift Health folks holding up this beautiful little mirror so that I could see the things that they saw that I often have a really tough time seeing myself.” — CHERYL MOYER, Associate Professor at University of Michigan Medical School

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Learn about the 2023 North America Journey

Emails have been sent to all 2023 applicants regarding their acceptance status. Please contact our team if you have not received this communication.

Please check back in the summer of 2023 for more information regarding the 2024 Cohort.

The Framework

The contextualized Journey is uniquely designed to cultivate competencies that bolster four leadership styles: Authentic, Inclusive, Strategic, and Impactful.

Authentic Leadership

Discovered through a lifelong exploration of one’s self and purpose while building on awareness of and trust in one’s abilities. This exploration enhances the insight, energy, and resilience that is key to leading as the most true and impactful version of oneself.

Inclusive Leadership

Encourages an intentional exploration of power and privilege and how it manifests in interpersonal and institutional dynamics. It builds trusting, sustainable connections with colleagues and community by including and giving voice to individuals of diverse identities at all levels of decision-making.

Strategic Leadership

Rooted in an understanding of one’s influence and how to leverage it to capture collective energy and facilitate change within institutions and the global health community. Crucial to this is building an inclusive cultural dynamic that is based on trust and inspires action toward a better future.

Impactful Leadership

Inspires gender equality and leads to better health through a crystalized understanding of the power of one’s leadership and the critical importance of developing others for greater impact.

As a result of this Leadership Journey, participants will be effectively positioned and equipped to:

  • Confidently rise up as a stronger leader and increase impact 
  • Collaborate with and leverage the collective power of peers, mentors, male allies, and other women leaders through diverse networks  
  • Raise awareness to drive conversations and strategies that promote gender equality in institutions around the world 
  • Internalize that global health is only truly global when those in positions of power make space to expand, diversify the circle of leadership and learn from the diverse populations they wish to serve