Europe Stakeholder Analysis Project Report

June 2023


Established in 2019, WomenLift Health is committed to expanding the power and influence of talented women in global health and catalyzing systemic change to achieve gender equality in health leadership. With Hubs in East Africa, North America, South Asia, Southern Africa, and with plans for further expansion into other regions, WomenLift Health envisions a world where diverse, accomplished leaders collectively transform health outcomes. To support evidence-driven growth, WomenLift Health has partnered with Bixal to conduct ongoing data collection, learning, and evaluations for the program. This report presents the results of a stakeholder analysis, which was conducted through interviews with mid-level, senior, and executive leaders in the field of global health, to look at the organizational and broader landscape of the field as it relates to women’s leadership in Europe. The purpose of this assessment was to help WomenLift Health address timely and relevant issues as the program expands to Europe.

To this end, Bixal’s research team reviewed literature about the global health sector across Europe (primarily Northern and Western European countries) and interviewed 30 mid- and senior-level global health professionals from nine European countries representing a range of sub-sectors, including international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), government agencies, multilateral institutions, academia, philanthropy, and the private sector. A few limitations should be noted: 1) several of the respondents have worked in various countries and sectors, so this wider perspective may inform their answers; 2) several of the respondents are based in countries that are not their country of origin, especially those in Switzerland; and 3) the assessment was designed to inform the program and is not generalizable to one country or sector, especially given the underrepresentation of men and/or people of color in the sample.