The Leadership Journey

WomenLift Health recognizes the substantial value of inclusive leadership in tackling evolving health challenges. It is more than an initiative – it is a movement to lift women so they, in turn, can lift global health and further gender equality. The Leadership Journey is not about “fixing the women”, rather about giving mid-career women the tools – confidence, networks, understanding of barriers – along with peer, mentor and coach support, to successfully use their voice, expertise and leadership skills for impact. To us, success is not exclusively defined by a title or a salary increase, but by expanding the power and influence of talented women in global health and catalyzing systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership. 

Mid-Career Women

We believe that global health challenges will not be solved unless talented women have a seat at the table. While we support all women, we focus on mid-career women for three reasons – 

  1.  They are the forgotten middle because many programs focus on youth or senior executives, but few cater to mid-level leaders.
  2.  At this stage of their career, women face the toughest bottlenecks and are at high risk of opting off the leadership path.
  3.  They have the potential to be the health leaders in the next 10 years.

Contextualized Learnings

To better understand the current status of women in global health and the on-the-ground barriers they face today, we conducted a needs assessment in the US, Rwanda, and India.

Based on our discoveries, we developed a set of key considerations and infused them into our Leadership Journey curriculum. To further ensure that the experience and learnings remain meaningful, we are applying a human-centered design approach where alumni help evolve the design of the Journey by contributing feedback about and evaluating their experience.

Global Reach

WomenLift Health’s inaugural US cohort launched in February 2020, and it will be followed by a new US cohort each year. In 2021-2022, we’ll be expanding our Leadership Journey footprint to India and East Africa.