The Leadership Journey

By breaking barriers for women to lead in global health, we will be equipped to drive a new era of progress.

Ruth Kagia, Policy and Strategy Office of the President of Kenya

WomenLift Health has been created in recognition of the substantial value of inclusive leadership to tackle evolving health challenges.  It is more than an initiative – it is a movement to lift women so they, in turn, can lift global health and further gender equality.  It is based on the belief that explicit action and investment in women leaders is critical to ensure that talented mid-career women have the opportunity to fully contribute their leadership skills to global health.

The Leadership Journey will be an opportunity for women leaders in global health to deepen their leadership skills and confidence, increase their visibility, engage in a journey that is designed for working women, and contribute to a lifelong network of women and men leaders, mentors and allies in global health.  We are investing in this Leadership Journey with the aspiration of building momentum and lift to improve health outcomes through transformational change in individual women, as well as their team/group, their organization, and society.  WomenLift Health recognizes that change not only requires supporting women, but also influencing the environment in which they live and work.