Zain Verjee

Founder and CEO
Zain Verjee Group
Zain Verjee is one of the world’s most respected and recognized journalists, with an action-packed background and experience as a storyteller, entrepreneur, communicator, and interviewer. She is well known as a former CNN anchor and correspondent, and has made a successful transition into the world of communications and creative entrepreneurship.

Her communications firm, Zain Verjee Group, has worked with a deep lineup of organizations and entities such as Bloomberg Media, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Pfizer Inc., Equity Group Foundation of Kenya, World Health Organization, GE Africa, OCP, The Aga Khan Development Network, The MiSK Foundation, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa on their communications and public relations delivery and strategies via advisory, consulting, and content production. She is a highly sought after facilitator and interviewer, and has spoken on platforms such as TED and Africa House. Most recently, her firm created, an initiative led by Mastercard Foundation. She is a senior fellow (non resident) at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Africa Program. She is a guest opinion columnist on African issues for The National, UAE.

Ms. Verjee is also a startup founder and content creator, co-founding aKoma Media, a continental network of workspaces for Africa’s creative and cultural economy, in 2015. Her other ventures in the creative space include Amplify, a content creator fellowship with participants from East/West Africa and the US, in partnership with MasterCard Foundation. In addition, with her former colleague and CNN anchor Isha Sesay, Ms. Verjee launched Rouse, an immersive three day gathering event for an elite community of women in Africa and the diaspora in 2019.
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