Vinoj Manning

Ipas Development Foundation
Vinoj Manning LOW

Vinoj Manning is the CEO of Ipas Development Foundation, an Indian NGO that works to improve the environment for safe abortion and increase access to comprehensive contraceptive care in the country. He heads the multi-disciplinary team of more than 120 staff based in 11 offices across India. Mr. Manning is a member of federal taskforces on abortion and contraception constituted by the Government of India and a technical expert to WHO-Geneva in developing global health system guidelines. He has been published in journals including the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and The Lancet.

Mr. Manning is particularly interested in strengthening the capacity of health systems to provide high-quality abortion and contraceptive care and improving the evidence base for the provision of safe abortion care. He is passionate about IDF being an organization of excellence.

He has a post-graduate diploma in rural management and an MBA Plus leadership certificate from the School of Business, Portland State University.

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