Symphrosa Tindi

Medical Services Manager
Nairobi Women's Hospital
Symphrosa Tindi
2022 Leadership Journey Project: Gains made in health facilities post Covid19 & preparedness for future pandemics

Dr. Tindi is an accomplished public health and medical doctor who has worked for more than twenty years as a medical doctor and public health professional. She studied in Kenya and New Zealand Universities to obtain her current qualifications. She has a wealth of experience in areas of management, medical and public health and has worked for various organizations in the public health and private sector including United Nations agencies, international and local organizations. Dr. Tindi brings on board unparalleled knowledge and management experience gained through working for reputable organizations and agencies in the region and beyond. She previously worked for PCEA Kikuyu Hospital as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and has recently joined the Nairobi Women Hospital as The Medical Services Manager (MSM) in charge of all medical services in the 9 units of the Hospital.

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