Suzanne Powell

Epidemiologist/Health Scientist
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
2023 Leadership Journey Project: Developing A Model For Multi-Country Replication To Support Women Frontline Healthcare Workers Against Workplace Violence
Suzanne Powell is a dedicated health equity advocate with over 15 years of public health experience, ranging from academia and non-profit institutions to the government sector. As an epidemiologist/health scientist, Suzanne designs and oversees implementation of research studies to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions to improve health outcomes for women and children. Her research has focused on malaria, reproductive, maternal, and newborn child health and immunizations. Suzanne has advised and led collaborations with over ten country Ministries, and numerous multilateral organizations, international non-government organizations and international donors. To couple her experience of project design and management, she is a certified Project Management Professional. Suzanne is currently pursuing her PhD in Epidemiology at the Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute and the University of Basel. She holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts from York University and a Master of Public Health in Behavioral Epidemiology from Emory University.
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