Suzanne Kiwanuka

Head, Health Policy Planning and Management Department
Makerere University School of Public Health
Suzanne Kiwanuka
2022 Leadership Journey Project: Enhancing Women Leadership At Makerere University College of Health sciences

Dr. Kiwanuka has been Senior Lecturer in Health Policy, Planning and Management at Makerere University since 2008. For the past four years she has led capacity building and policy engagements by researchers across 9 African countries under the knowledge translation network for Africa ( In the past she has led a team of researchers in producing systematic reviews to identify key evidence gaps in human resources management and generate evidence in the area of human resources for health.
Was module leader for Governance in Uganda’s health systems assessment (2011) and played a technical advisory role in the WHO regarding setting a research agenda for human resources for health (2009).

She has participated as consultant on evaluating ehealth and mhealth sexual and reproductive health programming for youth and adolescents in Uganda (2015).
Has facilitated health systems leadership, management and governance training for more than 150 health managers at Mulago and Kampala City Council Authority health facilities.
She evaluated the effectiveness of donor aid and its impact on the health system in Uganda and has designed, implemented and evaluated research programs focusing on health systems such as human resources, financing and information systems.
Was Co-PI for the Supporting Policy Engagements for Evidence Based Decision Making (SPEED) 2015-2019 to enhance progress towards Universal health coverage.

She has co-led a team on a project aimed at saving lives of mothers and newborns through community empowerment and health systems strengthening in three districts in Uganda. Has led a team to build social accountability structures across 3 districts under the social accountability for maternal and newborn health in Eastern Uganda 2017-2019.

She is currently leading research assessing the effect of high impact communication strategies on blood donation awareness and on another assessing the COVID response across 4 countries in Africa. She has vast experience in consultancy work funded by several multi-lateral partners.

I have been the chair for the research Ethics Committee and Makerere University School of Public health for more than 10 years.

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