Rachel Mutuku

Sr.Technical Advisor -AYSRH
Rachel Mutuku

2022 Leadership Journey Project: Developing a systematic internal AYSRH cross learning framework

Ms. Rachel Mwende Mutuku is a strategic leader with over 10+ years of diverse experience in designing evidence-based health interventions. She is a champion for development, behaviour change programming and the systematic application of human-centered social interventions. Ms. Mutuku has rich technical experience in Reproductive health (RH) that goes beyond demand creation and service delivery to data analytics, policy and health systems strengthening. Ms. Mutuku is currently a senior technical advisor for PSI’s flagship adolescent sexual and reproductive health program, Adolescents 360 (A360), an adolescent program whose focus is on improving health, wealth, and agency for girls. In life and at work, Ms. Mutuku is passionate about supporting people to make informed decisions.

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