Pranita Achyut

Director Research and Program
International Center for Research on Women
India COhort 2022 (13)

2022 Leadership Journey Project: Centering Voices and Choices of Women and Girls in Quality of FP Services

I bring around 20years of experience in research and programming in the areas of FP, adolescent health, gender, and GBV. In the current role, I provide technical leadership to various projects, and lead donor engagement and business development. I also provide techno-managerial support to research studies on COVID including tracking of COVID clinical outcomes, and social and economic impact and mitigation among women in informal economies. At the institution level, I am part of the governance structure, which is responsible for major policy decisions and execution; and lead quality assurance mechanism. Over the years, I have worked in multiple sectors including Health, Education, Women and Child Development, Law and Justice with range of stakeholders. Through various projects, I have engaged with adolescent girls and boys, women and men from marginalized communities, PRI structure, frontline workers, service providers and policymakers. This provided me opportunities to build my understanding, bring perspectives of different stakeholders in conceptualizing and evidence building. I have designed several innovative research studies, evaluations and programs using gender lens with focus on evidence building and use. For example, in Measurement Learning and Evaluation project, we focused on examining motivations and barriers to contraception among urban poor, and building capabilities of health managers and providers to use evidence to increase access and equity to services. This project had used hybrid study design and gathered data from more than 18000 women and men over three rounds. Learning from this had informed urban health strategies. I have worked in collaboratives with multiple partners; created spaces for teams to connect, contribute, take initiative and grow. I have also focus on mentoring new professionals.
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