Nneile Nkholise

iMed Tech

Nneile Nkholise was born in South Africa and is a BTech Mechanical Engineering graduate from Central University of the Free State. She is a mechanical engineering technologist with eight years’ experience in the construction and biomedical sectors, having developed biomedical products ranging from prosthesis to bio-implants. She was the co-founder of iMed Tech, a biotech company specializing in custom-made medical solutions using CAD and CAM techniques. In 2018, she co-founded 3DIMO, a venture backed company that automates livestock data analytics to monitor livestock health.

In 2016, she was recognized as Africa’s top female innovator by the World Economic Forum. She was awarded the South African Youth of the Year by the Office of the Presidency in 2017. In 2018, she was awarded Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30, recognized in the 100 top young Africans by the Africa Youth Council, and awarded Industrialist of the Year in Southern Africa at the All Africa Business Leaders Awards.

In 2018, she was inducted as a Harambe Entrepreneurship class of 2018 fellow – a peer-to-peer networking organization backed by a number of partners including US company, Cisco Systems, and the Oppenheimer Generations, a foundation of South Africa’s Nicky and Jonathan Oppenheimer supporting Africans making impact to African prosperity.

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