Laura Lewandowski

NIAMS, National Institutes of Health
Scholar in Translational Research

Leadership Project: Examining the return on investment of a career in medicine for a woman versus a man. Is it worth it?

I am the second child of four daughters in my family; therefore I have been in a lifelong immersion program demonstrating the benefit that comes from communities of women who support one another. I am female clinician scientist who is passionate about improving the lives of children with rheumatic disease worldwide. I have worked caring for children in many countries. I am perseverant, I love learning, and wholly embrace daunting challenges. My career path is unique and allows me to blaze my own trail. My work integrates global health and rheumatology, areas which have not historically overlapped. This has facilitated mentorship by senior researchers from different areas. The intersection of different fields creates collaboration in my research from diverse perspectives, and that has always strengthened by work.

I am a feminist and I support, encourage, and mentor women every chance I get, and I enjoy being part of communities of women who share this outlook.