Jane Wanyama

Chief Executive Officer
Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu Cluster

Jane Wanyama is the Chief Executive Officer at The Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu. She possesses over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with more than 15 years in hospital management. Ms. Wanyama has a Nursing/Midwifery background with a Bachelor of Arts in Maternal and Neonatal Nursing. She also holds an Executive Masters in business management.

Ms. Wanyama previously worked at the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUHN), Nairobi as a Director of Clinical Programs and Program Administrator for the Maternal and Neonatal Child Health Program before joining The Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu as the Director Nursing in January 2013. She previously worked as a Nursing Manager Maternity and Pediatric Depts. In AKUHN, Ms. Wanyama also worked as a Hospital Care Manager and Care Coordinator in a Health Management Organization. Before joining AKUHN, Ms. Wanyama had five years of experience as Health Care Advisor with Johnson and Johnson (K) Ltd during which period she pursued a diploma in Midwifery. As a junior nurse, she worked at Public District Hospital as a Pediatric Nurse.

Ms. Wanyama has played a leading role in establishing and introducing innovative approaches to support the promotion of Maternal Neonatal and Child Health Services. This has included being the focal person for AQCESS Project which The Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu is the implementing agency in Kisii County site. The Project aims at strengthening the Health Systems in Kisii Borabu Bomachoge -Sub County with an expected outcome of reducing Maternal and Neonatal Morbidities and Mortalities. She is also the focal person in the Concierge program, which is specifically designed to assist the clinician in their communication and care coordination with women in the childbearing and rearing stages. The program offers a virtual assistant for the Maternal Neonatal and Child Health Department staff to promote the health of women and children. 

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