Iris Z. Rosario

Leadership Journey Coach
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Dr. Rosario (aka Zory) is an organization development expert with over fifteen years of experience in the areas of teambuilding, strategic planning, organization assessment, mid-management skill development, leadership coaching, project management, personality assessment and conflict resolution. Her approach includes connecting with the individuals that comprise an organization in order to understand intrinsic values, help them become successful, and improve their overall performance. She is an innovative trainer, with an emphasis in design and facilitation targeting employee development. She is also certified as a Competent Communicator by Toastmasters International and Bilingual (English/Spanish). Currently, she a Senior Associate with ZGroup, Inc. as well as adjunct staffwith the Center for Creative Leadership. She is presently working with the County of San Diego-District Attorney’s Office as an Expert Professional facilitating a Learning and development project called Bootcamp. She has provided services to the followingorganizations among others: Pepsi-Cola /Frito Lay; Starbucks; Nestle; Costco; Microsoft; Coach; Kate Spade; William Sonoma; T-Mobile; Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; City of San Diego-Environmental Services Department; UCSD -Thornton Hospital; ContinentalMaritime; Levimex –Mexico and the Central Office of Personnel Administration -San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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