Hema Budaraju

Hema Budaraju

Director, Product Management

2020 Leadership Journey Project: Help cities meet WHO air quality standards to improve billions of lives.

Hema Budaraju is Director of Product Management at Google where she leads a team focused on helping create positive societal and environmental impact at scale, leveraging Google mapping technologies. She intrinsically believes that technology is a force for good and that it is our collective responsibility to make it so.

Hema has 20+ years of experience building products and teams in iconic companies such as Oracle, Nokia, Amazon, eBay, Paypal and Facebook. At Facebook, Hema helped launch Blood Donations feature to make it easier for people to donate blood and help address the shortage of safe blood.

Hema has an engineering degree in Electronics from Mumbai University, India and a Masters in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India and holds 6 patents. She was nominated to Silicon Valley Women of Influence in 2015. She is also on the Board of Bay Area Health Alliance. Her family is a big part of who she is – she lives in the bay area with her husband, two teenagers and a golden retriever.