Gauravi Mishra

Professor & Physician
Tata Memorial Hospital
India COhort 2022 (7)

2022 Leadership Journey Project: Collaborating with Railway Police for tobacco control among railway commuters…

My most satisfying work is as an Investigator and Co-ordinator of one of the largest randomized controlled trials in India, investigating efficacy of simple low cost and effective technologies for early detection of breast and cervical cancers among women. I led staff of 100 for 20 years and served 150,000 low socio-economic women in Mumbai. With the research recently reaching its culmination, it is immensely gratifying to see the findings being recognized globally and being translated into evidence-based guidelines to strengthen the national cancer control policies in India and other LMICs. This is the largest and first completed trial globally, of screening with Clinical Breast Examination. I initiated and led one of the largest public health programme to cover entire Mumbai Police and their family members with awareness and screening of common cancers and NCDs. Till date, over 25000 Mumbai police have been screened with staff of 50. To integrate research with public health, I actively engage with State Health Services and conduct capacity building workshops. I have published 6 handbooks, each in 3 languages to train paramedical staff in cancer awareness and tobacco control/ cessation. I have prepared video based animated tutorials in collaboration with IIT, Mumbai to train paramedical staff in common cancer screening. I participate in radio and Television programs and write newspaper articles for spreading cancer awareness. Till date, I have been Investigator of 45 IEC approved trials. My research interests involve investigating newer methodologies for early detection of cancers and different modalities of tobacco control and cessation. I have 71 publications in indexed national and international journals and have authored 13 book chapters. I actively participate in National and International conferences. I am Nodal Officer of TMH COVID vaccination centre.
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