Elizabeth Onyango

Head, Division of Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control

2022 Leadership Journey Project: Access to Hypertension & Diabetes Essential Medicines at Primary Healthcare Facilities

I am a Public Health Specialist, and my purpose is to work and contribute toward strengthening health systems to be responsive in reducing morbidities and mortalities resulting from diseases of public health importance. I have over 23 years’ experience working in the public sector of which 16 years have been in the field of public health.  As the current Head of the Division of Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control (hereafter NCDPC), Ministry of Health Kenya, I provide stewardship and coordination; ensure political, technical and operational support; mobilize resources; ensure the development of strategic and technical documents and plans; human resource development; ensure functional surveillance, recording, reporting and M/E system; technical assistance to counties; ensure functional diagnostic, procurement, supply chain management; advocacy, communication and social mobilization; operational researches; ensure quality delivery of NCD services (Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, renal and sickle cell diseases). 

Last year (2021) I led a successful process of developing and submitting a grant proposal on “Integrating NCD Prevention and Control into Primary Health Care in Kenya”. This is a World Diabetes Foundation-funded grant to run from 2022 to 2025 that will seek to increase access to diabetes and hypertension care at primary health care level. 

I have had expertise in Global Fund management as a former National Tuberculosis Program Manager  Policy and guidelines development for TB/HIV and TB/DM collaborative activities. 

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