Diana Vaca McGhie

Global Advocacy Portfolio Lead
American Heart Association
Diana Vaca McGhie

2022 Leadership Journey Project: Corazón de Mama: Healthy Hearts, Healthy Babies

Diana Vaca McGhie has over 15 years of experience working in leading non-profits on various aspects of their mission delivery. She is a diversity, equity and inclusion practitioner with public health experience that spans the areas of non-profit capacity building, international relations, business development, and advocacy. In her roles, she has served as the agency liaison to multi and bi-lateral organizations and has built strategic alliances to improve public health outcomes with professional associations, the private sector, and philanthropic organizations. 

Diana brings a solid history of program development, managing and overseeing projects in over ten countries and brings a unique perspective to grassroots mobilization and civic engagement. Diana holds a BSc. in Business Administration from Stony Brook University and a Masters in Public Administration from New York University.

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