Carmen Franco

Leadership Journey Coach

Carmen is passionate about finding ways to assist individuals in quickly reaching their own ‘next phase’ – using her varied background and experiences in Performance Management, particularly in Sales, Leadership, Marketing Manufacturing and Distribution. She is driven to help coachees find ways to identify and improve upon their skills and competencies in order to achieve their personal and professional Growth and Revenue goals. Whether they are a solo entrepreneur or managing a team of associates or even managers, Carmen is committed to helping individuals find ways to enhance their practice, team, and/or company via 1:1 and/or team coaching — be it face-to-face or virtual. Having lived and worked in other countries, like Hong Kong, Singapore and Saudi Arabia, speaking multiple languages, Carmen also has a unique awareness and sensitivity to coach effectively in cross-cultural business environments. In addition to coachees across the U.S., she has clients in many countries, including China, Singapore, France, Germany, India, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Carmen is the principal of CRF Consulting LLC, a private consulting firm that helps leaders explore their personal and professional potential to increase their personal and professional performance.