Aurélie Brunie

Deputy Director for Research, Research for Scalable Solutions
FHI 360
Aurelie Brunie

2021 Leadership Journey Project: Global Partnerships to Advance Women’s Leadership In Global Health Research In Africa

Dr. Aurélie Brunie is a Social Scientist with over 12 years of experience implementing complex implementation science projects from research design through results utilization to increase access to family planning in developing countries. In addition to family planning, Dr. Brunie has led studies on community health worker programs, childhood pneumonia, microfinance interventions, nutrition, disaster management and social capital. A senior member of the Health Services Research group of FHI 360, Dr. Brunie serves as the Senior Research Lead for Research for Scalable Solutions (R4S), a five-year implementation science award for family planning funded by USAID. In this role, Dr. Brunie leads the project’s overall research portfolio and ensures it is designed to answer priority family planning questions that will strengthen programs and policies on self-care, high impact practices and equity. She is also the Research Lead for the Learning about Expanded Access and Potential (LEAP) of the hormonal IUS Initiative which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. Brunie has conducted research in over 10 countries and published over 25 articles in peer-reviewed journals. She specializes in mixed-method studies and innovative research approaches such as discrete choice experiments and geographic information systems. She has a track record of successfully leading multi-disciplinary teams through research and research utilization activities. A native French speaker, Dr. Brunie trained as an engineer in France.

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