Anuradha Rose

Christian Medical College, Vellore, India
India COhort 2022 (2)

2022 Leadership Journey Project: Leading the way: Girls advocate for health

I completed my undergraduate medical degree from the Christian Medical College, Vellore. Christian Medical College, Vellore is a large tertiary care hospital with 2700 beds and an out patient average of 8000 patients per day. Following my under grad studies, I specialized in Community Medicine and completed a Masters in Community Medicine from the same institution. I am a faculty member of this institution since 2007. I have also completed a MHSc in Bioethics from the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada from 2010-11. In 2011 to 2012 I served on the IRB of the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada, North Americas biggest Children’s IRB. Between pursuing my education, I worked for 8 years in remote parts of the state in mission hospitals set up for the underprivileged. In CMC, my time is divided between public health and bioethics. In the field of community health I look after a department project providing health care services and social and developmental interventions for the health, development and social needs of a remote marginalized tribe in hilly belt of the eastern ghats that is geographically difficult to access. I have been working in this tribal belt from 2007. Initially I worked with a team funded by a project from the Danish Government- the DanMission Project. From 2013 I lead the departments activities in this area from the department. My work includes clinical work, in the primary setting as well as in the secondary care base hospital, programme management for the various activities such as primary education for tribal children, projects towards providing access to the social determinants of health such as clean water and sanitation etc. In the field of bioethics my work in curriculum development and the teaching of bioethics.
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