WomenLift Health Marks One Year Anniversary of GEF Commitments

WomenLift Health is committed to transforming the face of health leadership around the world into one where diverse, accomplished leaders collectively improve health outcomes.

WomenLift Health is proud to stand in solidarity and mark the anniversary of historic commitments made at GEF one year ago. 

As part of the “Leadership and Feminist Movements” Action Coalition, we committed ourselves to goals that “advance and increase meaningful participation, leadership and decision-making power of women, girls and nonbinary people, in all their diversity.”

 WomenLift Health made the advocacy commitment to use its platform to advance the impact of women leaders around the world and amplify the voices of those changing health outcomes in their communities, countries and globally. 


  • Our Women Leaders in Global Health Conference 2021 brought together over 2000 people from 90+ countries and was praised for “setting a new standard,” as well as for bringing fresh, diverse voices to the fore. We are reaching more people than ever and have grown our social media following by 59% in the last year. 


We made the programmatic commitment to serve women in 10+ countries — employing a country-owned and country-led model. 

  • We are already serving six countries, with four more coming. We now have country hubs in East Africa, India, and North America.  In the next 5 years, we are on track to reach 4000+ women through our Leadership Training and Power Up Workshops.


WomenLift Health also committed to building an alumnae network that will gather, grow, connect and support a community of women leaders in health around the world.  

  • We recently gathered 50 Leadership Alumna alumnae in-person and have created a robust, online network for their communities to connect and flourish. By end 2023, our alumnae will nearly triple in number. 

From the outset, WomenLift Health has been deeply committed to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. We conduct a rigorous annual evaluation and ongoing monitoring that helps us track progress against our commitments, including this one. If you’d like to read more about our overall progress, we invite you to review our 2021-2022 Evaluation Learnings.