Gender & Power in COVID-19: Why Diversity is Critical to Solving Global Health Emergencies
  COVID-19 has demanded the world’s attention this year, tested the resilience of health systems, and exacerbated existing inequalities. As countries grapple with its long-term effects, ensuring women’s voices and perspectives are included in the response is an urgent priority to improve health outcomes. In the first WomenLift Health Speaker Series event on April 15, 2020, Dr. Ayoade Alakija, Dr. Joanne Liu, and Dr. Madhukar Pai highlight how today’s response to COVID-19 can incorporate more diverse perspectives. Key Themes: “We cannot simply copy & paste COVID-19 mitigation solutions from the global north & apply to the LMICs. Power dynamics are playing out in this pandemic.” -Dr. Alakija “We need diversity because what diversity brings is an ability to lift the blind spots.” -Dr. Liu “It would just take a minute longer to write an email and say ‘I am happy to speak at this event, but something is wrong with this lineup because we are missing the representation of X, Y, and Z.’ We are established professionals with nothing to lose. If we don’t take that step then no one else will.” -Dr. Pai