WomenLift Health Commits to #ReimaginingLeadership at Generation Equality Forum

WomenLift Health is committed to transforming the face of health leadership around the world into one where diverse, accomplished leaders collectively improve health outcomes.  

We have made the following commitments to the Generation Equality Forum.

Advocacy Commitment: WomenLift Health believes that solving global health challenges requires diverse, talented leaders drawn from all that humankind has to offer, not just 50% of it. Women leaders, with the technical expertise, leadership skills, unique perspectives and lived experiences must have a seat at the decision-making tables. We must drive for this equal representation.

WomenLift Health will continue to use our platforms to showcase and advance the impact of women leaders around the world and amplifying the voices of those changing health outcomes in their communities, countries and globally. We will show the power of transformative leadership and use every opportunity to engage institutions and influencers to reimagine what leadership looks, sounds and acts like.

Programmatic Commitment: The Leadership Journey, WomenLift Health’s flagship program, is the highest-caliber training program for mid-career women in health all over the world.  By equipping mid-career women with new skills, resources and community, WomenLift Health is advancing their leadership, supporting them to be agents of change within their institutions and beyond. The Leadership Journey is designed to give talented women leaders the tools – confidence, networks, ability to navigate barriers – through skills development and peer, mentor and coach engagement. These talented women are inspired to use their voice, expertise and leadership skills for health impact. To WomenLift, success is not exclusively defined by a title or a salary increase, but by expanding the power and influence of talented women in health globally.

Over the next five years, WomenLift Health will expand to serve women in 10+ countries — employing a country-owned and country-led model where the strategy and interventions are led, designed, and executed by and with local partners to support over 4000 women leaders through the Leadership Journey and PowerUp Workshops. We will continue to invest in real time learning, monitoring of progress and evaluation of results. Importantly, over 85% of the women leaders we will reach will be in LMICs at both national and state/district levels of health.

WomenLift Health will build an alumna network that will gather, grow, connect and support a community of women leaders in health around the world. We will convene women, not only through virtual networking events, but also explore creative ways to gather them in-person. We will partner with like-minded organizations to structure and support mentor/mentee relationships that build a solid pipeline of women leaders across the span of their careers in health. We will foster continued growth through contextualized leadership PowerUp workshops and e-learning resources. Our ultimate aim is for these women leaders to feel strengthened and connected and for them to pay it forward by collaborating with others for more equitable leadership and health outcomes.