Leadership of Now: Inspiration in this Moment of Crisis
While women are the driving engine behind global health, they are dramatically underrepresented at the decision-making table. A recent study from BMJ Global Health shines a spotlight on the reality that women face every day: only 3.5% of 115 identified COVID-19 decision-making and expert task forces have gender parity in their membership while 85.2% are majority men. As COVID-19 demanded the world’s attention and resources this year, it has become clear that calling for gender parity in leadership is more than an issue of equity: it is the missing link that will help us solve complex health challenges. Countless articles and a handful of studies have highlighted how successful female-led nations have been responding to the pandemic. But at WomenLift Health, we were determined to elevate an additional set of talented leaders: those whose stories have been overlooked and underreported. Over the course of nine weeks, WomenLift Health collected and shared the stories of women leaders and male allies from every corner of the world who have inspired us in this moment of crisis. Diverse in age, nationality and profession, all our spotlights have one thing in common: they have used their time, talent and passion to take action and protect their communities during this crisis. COVID-19 has been a clear reminder that leadership matters – no matter the sector or country – and these individuals have shown us how to lead. Read about each of our Leadership of Now spotlights by following the hashtag #LeadershipofNow, and continue to raise your voice to support the talented women leaders and male allies in global health and beyond. And next week, join us for the 4th annual Women Leaders in Global Health Conference – where we will convene women leaders and male allies from around the world to share stories of impact and resiliency, celebrate women and men who lead and inspire us, and chart a path toward an equitable future. Ultimately, we aim to shape a collective vision for global health, where diverse women have a seat at the decision-making table. Join us! REGISTER HERE